MCP Citizen Watchdogs Shakeup the County Board Meeting

(22-Feb) McHenry County, IL – Members of the MCP group and volunteer Citizen Watchdogs turned out in force at the Feb McHenry County Board meeting. County Board Member, Donna Kurtz greeted the crowd Tuesday evening and gave a special welcome to the MCP group. She and others appeared surprised by how large the turnout of MCP volunteers actually was.

Kathryn Potter welcomed volunteers to the meeting by providing them with tools to help them stay engaged during what promised to be more in a contentious pattern of county board meetings. She was surprised by the large turn-out of interested volunteers, “Seeing so many of us choosing to become better-informed citizens by actively participating in our local government is incredible and I believe our presence in the board room left an impression on our elected officials”.

Volunteers witnessed the partisan bickering and a screaming by County Board Member Michael Walkup when his microphone was turned off, as well as several members leaving the room to miss key votes.  As noted during the board meeting, several of the sitting representatives are also running for incompatible offices across the county: Andrew Gasser, Donna Kurtz, Michael Walkup and Michael Rein. If successful, they will have to resign their position on the county board and their party will nominate their replacements. This means that voters will not have a say in who represents them at the board level.


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